January 24

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Facutly Concert Series -

Max Bruch - Eight Pieces for Viola Clarinet and Piano,

with Ilya Swartz and Ido Ariel


April 23

Tel Aviv Museum - Recital with Gil Shohat

April 28

Nazereth Center for the Arts - Recital with Gil Shohat


May 22 -28

Masterclass at the Perosi Academy , Biella Italy


July 3 - 8

Masterclass at the Hong Kong academy for performing arts


August 2


Benefit concert for the Spectrum Ensemble at Harduf Israel, works by Leclair, Respighi, Piazzola and Ligeti


August 6 - 12

Masterclass and Concerts at the Chieti Classica Festival, Italy

August 18

Conducting the Spectrum Ensemble Chamber Orchestra, Debut Performance,

Elma Hall, Zichron Yaakov Israel, Works by Bach, Mendelssohn, Respighi and Picco

Soloists - Eliraz and Itamar Carmeli, Drora Bruck , Yasuko Hirata, Talia Morad and Marina Minkin

September 21 - 28

Artistic Director of the annual JMC - Huberman Festival , Einsiedeln Switzerland

Conducting and Concerts

September 29

"Strings for Hope" Conducting at the Young Israel Philharmonic Strings (Huberman Project)

Largo Mahler Auditorium, Milano Italy 21:00 , works by Bach, Mahler and Grieg


October 1

Open day Masterclass at the Accademia Perosi , Biella Italy


October 6

St. Lukas Church, Berlin

October 8

Begegnungshalle, Berlin

Chamber Music Concerts, (more info to be posted )

October 27

Conducting the Young Israel Philharmonic Strings, Haifa University Auditorium


December 8  - Haifa Auditorium

December 9  - Henry Crown Auditorium, Jerusalem

December 12  - Charles Bronfman Auditorium , Tel Aviv

Conducting the Young Israel Philharmonic

Works by Tchaikovsky, Grieg and Ben Haim




January 11

Recital with Gil Shohat , Tel Aviv University


February 2

Viola Soloist with the "Naama" Choir (Conductor - Pnina Inbar) , Kibbutz Ein Hashofet

March 27

Jamd Faculty Concert , Weiss Hall -

Works by Schubert and Dvorak,

March 28 to March 30

Concerts at the Kfar Blum Aviv Festival - Works by Schubert and Dvorak,

with Roi Shiloach, Yuval Herz, Shuli Waterman, Michal Korman and Asaf Zohar

April 4

Concert at the Nazereth Culture days series,

Works by Schubert, with Daniel Johansen and Daniel Gortler

April 8 and April 11

Concerts presenting compositions of Zecharia Plavin, with Itzchak Gera, Yoram Livne and Yoram Halperin

8.4 Jerusalem Univesity , Glass hall of Gila Flamm

11.4 Kiryat Ono Central Library


April 27

Concert Lecture series of Prof. Michal Wolpe, at the Jerusalem Cinemateque

Bruckner String Quintet , with Yvgenia Pikovsky, Gilad Rivkin, Tali Kravitz and Zvi Plesser

May 15

Jamd Faculty Concert

Debussy Trio with Noam Buchmann and Gitit Boazson

June 21

Conducting the Raanana young soloists ensemble,

Raanana Music Center

July 12 - 17

Masterclass at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Hong Kong


July 25 - 31

Concerts and teaching at the Chieti Festival and masterclasses

October 19

Conducting the Huberman Strings at the Tel Aviv Heichal Hatarbut , Zucker Hall



December 20

Recital with Gil Shohat at the Golden Crown Nazereth Hall



January 11

Leading the Specturm Ensemble at the Jerusalem Scottish Church concert series


January 18

Jerusalem Cinemateque concert series

Ben Haim Quartet , with Saida bar lev, Sharon Cohen and Chagit Glaser



January 19

Jerusalem Academy of music and dance faculty concert

20.00 , Navon Hall

with Lihay ben dayayn, Maho Nakanishi , Zvi Plesser and Kyoko Hashimoto


January 26

Recital with Gil Shohat at the Modiin Cultural Center,

works by Bach and Schubert




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