"Juedische Allgemeine"
Chris Meyer

"Westfälische Nachrichten"
Arndt Zinkant

"Münstersche Zeitung"
Gunter Moseler



"An outstanding violist"

Robert Slawinski
Gorzow Cultural News, Poland

"Carmeli displayed a vibrant tone burnished throughout the Viola's Registers... his technique was flawless... has powers of communication..."

Leslie Valdes, The Philadelphia Inquirer.


"Carmeli plays with a blooming tone, a great ability for coloring of sound..."

Georg Pepl, Hessische Allgemeine, Germany


Chamber Music

"...Carmeli's Noble, Sensitive Playing bespoke of an admirable musician"

Eli Karev, the Jerusalem Post.


"...the wonderful Violist Zvi Carmeli blended in with a cultivated and balanced sound..."

Reinhard Palmer, Suddeutsche Zeitung.


"Carmeli and Varevics made Magic on the Viola"

Marga Kloiber, Hessische Allgemeine, Germany.

The SoLaRe String Trio

"...a finely blended sound superbly weighted across its range..."

Joshua Kosman, The San Francisco Chronicle


" making at once solid and lively...full of strength, fondness and familiarity"

Paul Griffiths, The New York Times


"The Israeli conductor Zvi Carmeli led the orchestra with agile and temperamental gesture and coordinated the fugal passages with solid impact... the orchestra intensively followed Carmeli's high dramatic interpretation, one felt the evidence of how absolute expression of music can be reached through the challenges of extreme ventures..."

Gunter Moseler
"Münstersche Zeitung", Germany
"Led By Zvi Carmeli The Sound of the Chamber Orchestra was superb, uniform , the rhythmic elements fit into place as if by magic, the players breathed together in one pulse...."
Jussi Mattlila
The Savon Sanomat , Kuopio Finland
"In the performance of Richard Strauss Suite for winds Carmeli led the ensemble through the complex score seemingly effortlessly...."

Brigitte Heeke
"Westfälische Nachrichten", Germany

"Rachlin and Kushnir were supported by The Masterful conducting of Zvi Carmeli..."

The Soesterberg Courrant, Holland


"...The ensemble was led by the excellent Conductor Zvi Carmeli..." (about "Pierrot Lunaire")

Noam Ben Zeev - Ha'aretz, Israel


"a sensitive and intelligent conductor which we have appreciated in many other occasions in the past..."

Marco Bizzarini, Giornale di Bresica, Italy


"Carmeli posses a special charisma, a grace, an ample and generous conducting gesture...."

LE , Brescia Oggi, Italy

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